Why Choose Us

Next to your home, your vehicle is probably the biggest purchase you will make. At Minot's Finest Collision Center, we minimize the impact of an auto accident by providing quality, convenient, and cost effective repairs done right the first time, on time. We want this experience to be as painless as possible, so we offer same-day appointments, rides for customers, and will walk you through the insurance process. We deliver the highest quality repairs, backed by a lifetime guarantee. We are more than a collision repair shop. We are Minot's Finest.

What can we do for you? Check out our process and services below, then give us a call to find out how we can serve your specific needs.

1. The Estimate

The estimator will inspect your vehicle to assess the amount of damage sustained. An estimate is prepared and you will be given a completion date and asked to sign authorization for repairs. The estimate is then submitted to your insurance company for their approval of the repairs to be completed.

2. Damage & Parts

Once parts have been removed, a secondary inspection will determine if there is any damage that was not detected initially. If more damage is found, a supplemental report is sent to the insurance company.

3. Body and Structural Repair

Before any repair is started, an extensive pre-wash is done. If necessary, your vehicle will be placed on unibody repair equipment. New panels will be prepared and installed. We then prime, seal and add corrosion protection to the new parts. All work is inspected and tested. Once the repairs are signed off, the vehicle will head to the paint department.

4. Windshield and Glass Replacement

You can rely on Minot's Finest Collision Center professionals to handle your auto glass repair or replacement needs. Today's windshields are designed as part of the vehicle's passenger rollover safety strategy, and should be professionally treated as the safety device it was intended to be. At Minot's Finest, we make sure your vehicle's windshield glass is back to industry standards.

5. Painting

The vehicle is prepped and now is ready to undergo our multi-step refinishing process.

6. Reassembly & The Finishing Touches

Parts that were removed for painting are reassembled, the vehicle is realigned, and climate control is checked for proper operation. The vehicle is then completely detailed, hand washed and inspected.

Remember: Where your vehicle is repaired is your choice!

If your vehicle is damaged and needs repair, it is your choice where you have the work done regardless of where an insurance company may direct, suggest or recommend you go. Participation in an insurance company's direct repair program may eliminate some steps in the claims process for you. Participation is a business decision made on the part of the shop. Not all shops choose to participate in every program for a variety of reasons. If you have an accident, we hope you will choose us!